Be Careful What You Say After You'Re Arrested On Criminal Charges

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Even if you have no prior criminal history, you'll likely use common sense and be tight lipped when you're arrested for any type of charge. What you say to the arresting officers can go a long way toward helping or hurting your case, and if you've made several incriminating statements to the authorities, your criminal defense attorney's job immediately gets more difficult. It's important to be careful about what you say not just at the scene of the arrest, but also in other locations, too. Here are some ways that you need to further be careful about what you say.

In Your Jail Cell

Even if your attorney or your family members are securing bail for you, you're likely to have to spend at least a bit of time in custody after an arrest on criminal charges. You may find yourself sharing space in a holding cell with other arrestees, and while you'll probably want to steer clear of many of them, you might wish to converse with a few. Be wary of what you say to any of these individuals. Ideally, you'll not discuss your case at all. Any fellow arrestee could attempt to better his or her position by sharing what you've said with the authorities.

On The Phone

Depending on how long you're in jail, you may want to make one or more phone calls to pass the time. Generally, you'll be calling family members or friends, and you may want to explain yourself — especially if they seem disappointed in you. Going over any details of your case while on the phone is a bad idea, however, because the jailhouse is recording these conversations. Should you reveal anything incriminating, it could make your defense much harder for your attorney.

On Social Media

You might be so worked up about your arrest that you need to vent — and in today's age, many people choose to vent online. Opening a live broadcast on any of your social media platforms and ranting after you're free on bail about the difficult situation that you're facing might temporarily make you feel a little better, but you don't know who might be watching. There's a reasonable chance that the authorities who will attempt to prosecute you will record this file and scour it to look for incriminating statements. Even if you don't mean to say anything that could hurt your case, you could easily make a statement that you soon regret.

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21 January 2019

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