Better Understanding The Role Of A Family Lawyer

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People often assume that family lawyers only handle cases that are being heard by a family court judge. While it is true that family lawyers work on a variety of cases that are ultimately settled as part of the family court system, this common myth does not accurately reflect the role that family lawyers play in the legal system. Better understanding this role will allow you to determine whether or not a family lawyer is the best type of lawyer for your specific legal needs. 

Civil Versus Criminal

Like most branches of the legal system, family court deals with issues of both a criminal and a civil nature. The only difference is that criminal defendants who appear in family court are minors while other criminal cases are heard by a different branch of the court system. While it is true that family lawyers will often present cases before a family court judge, these cases will be of a civil nature since family lawyers fall into the classification of civil lawyers rather than criminal defense lawyers.

Some of the civil cases that a family lawyer will present before a family court judge include adoption petitions, child custody cases, and child support cases. If your family court case involves members of your own family and does not involve criminal charges, there is a good chance that a family lawyer is the right type of lawyer for you.

Superior Court Cases

Family lawyers not only represent clients in family court but often in a superior court as well. This is because the law in many states requires that certain domestic cases be heard before a superior court judge. The most common type of case for a family lawyer to present in a superior court is a divorce petition. Family lawyers may also petition this court concerning matters of restraining orders against a domestic partner or the division of assets as the result of a common-law marriage that has come to an end. 

Ask For A Consultation

When it comes to determining whether or not a family lawyer is the right type of lawyer for your specific needs, there is simply no one better to ask than a qualified attorney. That is why it is always beneficial to contact a lawyer in your area and request a free or low-cost consultation. After sharing the specifics of your case, this lawyer will be able to better advise you regarding what steps you should take next.


22 March 2021

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My husband and I are excitedly preparing to welcome our beautiful adopted baby into our home. Are you thinking about adopting a child in the near future? If you plan to expand your family through adoption, you’ll need to secure the services of an experienced attorney. A reputable lawyer can help you finalize your adoption. This professional can help you determine what documents you’ll need to bring to court. Your attorney can also speak for you during the finalization proceedings in court. On this blog, I hope you will discover the numerous reasons obtaining the services of a lawyer during the adoption process is a good idea. Enjoy!