Three Ways A Paralegal Can Assist You With A Small Claims Court Case

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The whole idea behind a small claims court is to settle disputes between parties that involve a low amount of money. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may be as little as three or four thousand dollars. However, because of the low amounts of money, lawyers are rarely involved. But this does mean that you would not benefit from legal services. For this reason, there are small claims court paralegals. Before you decide on bringing your case to court, you should consider consulting a paralegal. The following are a few ways they can help you.

They can assist you with the decision to go to court

One of the problems people have when they are ready to take their legal issue to a small claims court is understanding the local ordinances. Both state and local laws may be different from what an individual believes them to be. A paralegal will understand these laws and how they apply to a small claims court. In addition, they will be familiar with misunderstandings that people often have about these laws. It is possible that you may think you have a better case than you really do.

They can explain what documentation will be needed

When you present your case before a judge, the judge will want certain evidence to prove your case. What you think good evidence is, may not be what a judge will consider to be sufficient. After hearing your case, a paralegal will have an understanding of what you will need to bring to a small claims court.

They can help you understand the procedure

People taking a case to a small claims court for the first time will likely not know what to expect. A paralegal can assist you with obtaining the correct forms that are needed and assist you in filling them out. They can also help you to understand what to expect in court as well as courtroom etiquette. There are certain behaviors that a judge will expect people to have, and a paralegal can explain how the procedure works, along with the dos and don'ts inside a small claims court before a judge.

Although a small claims court is designed to help people without knowledge of the law settle their disputes, obtaining legal assistance prior to filing a small claims lawsuit can be helpful. To this end, paralegals can be a valuable resource. They can assist you with the decision to move forward with your case. If you decide to go forward, a paralegal can increase your chances of success by telling you what documentation a judge will want to see. They can also assist you with filing forms, along with teaching you the procedures once inside the court.

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18 March 2022

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