Create And Maintain An Employment Contract That Protects Your Business

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When a company onboards a new employee, the two are entering into a partnership. As a result, each party has to ensure they are protected. In terms of the business owner, it's essential that you create an employment contract that protects your company's assets, trade secrets, and safeguards you against undue costly legal action. At-Will Employment When an employee is underperforming or your operational needs change, you want to be at liberty to terminate an employee if necessary.

19 July 2019

Be Careful What You Say After You'Re Arrested On Criminal Charges

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Even if you have no prior criminal history, you'll likely use common sense and be tight lipped when you're arrested for any type of charge. What you say to the arresting officers can go a long way toward helping or hurting your case, and if you've made several incriminating statements to the authorities, your criminal defense attorney's job immediately gets more difficult. It's important to be careful about what you say not just at the scene of the arrest, but also in other locations, too.

21 January 2019