What Is The Value Of Having A Competent Business Lawyer On Retainer?

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Starting and growing a business is a process that needs a lot of time, wisdom, and dedication. It also needs a lot of caution because society has become litigious. When investing somewhere, you have to think about the local business laws, the contractual agreements you are likely to make in the process, and possible conflicts. If you ignore the legal nature of business transactions, you might end up in trouble with the IRS, the federal government, and even lose your investment altogether.

26 October 2020

Statutory Rape Charges: What The Accused Should Know

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Statutory rape is considered one of the lesser sex crimes, but it comes along with serious repercussions and legal ramifications just the same. Statutory rape, which is often referred to as a lower degree of rape like second-degree rape, involves having a sexual encounter with an individual who is under the legal age of consent. Here are a few things you may want to know if you have been accused. 

24 April 2020