4 Elements Of Criminal Law You Should Understand If You're Charged With Battery

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Battery charges can attract serious consequences. You may be fined, sentenced to jail or prison, or required to pay restitution for the victim's medical bills if you're convicted. If you want to get the best outcome in your case, you should understand the elements of criminal law related to battery. This knowledge will help you to understand your situation better, strengthen your defense strategy, and protect your rights. You should also hire a lawyer with experience in battery cases to represent you. Here are four criminal law elements you should understand:

Mens Rea

This refers to a person's mental state when an act is committed. It can be used to establish intentionality or negligence in an act. For example, if a person intended to cause injury to another person, they would be charged with assault rather than battery. Similarly, if a person did not mean to cause harm but was careless and caused an injury, they could be charged with reckless battery. A lawyer can use this element to mitigate possible punishment if they discover you had no intent to cause harm. They'll also use it to demonstrate that you had no criminal intent.

Actus Reus

This refers to any physical action taken to commit a crime. For example, in the case of battery, this may include an act of hitting, pushing, or threatening another person. The prosecutor must show that you caused physical harm or emotional distress to the other party to obtain a conviction. If you want to be acquitted, contact a criminal lawyer. They'll argue that your actions were taken in self-defense or show that you lacked the intent to commit the crime.


This term is used when determining the defendant's criminal liability. It means that the accused must have legally caused the harm inflicted on another person for them to be held accountable for their actions. In other words, the accused must be proven to have acted with the intent or negligence that caused the harm. Prosecutors will likely use this element in your case to establish whether you caused harm due to negligence. Fortunately, a criminal lawyer can make a compelling argument to prove your actions didn't cause harm.


Concurrence occurs when there's an overlap between mens rea and actus reus. For it to be established, these two elements need to be present when the crime was committed. Understanding this concept is vital because it can help you understand whether you are guilty.

Understanding these elements of criminal law involved is essential if you're accused of battery. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to form a proper legal defense. Furthermore, understanding these elements will help you understand how the legal system works and why certain punishments may be imposed upon you.

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19 January 2023

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